Science Of Motion® 5th International Conference 2017

October 6th,7th & 8th



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Speakers, Friday,Saturday & Sunday-Jean Luc Cornille M.A, Dr Betsy Uhl D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVP

Michelle Osborn Ph.D., and  Esco Buff Esco Buff, PhD, APF-I, CF

AAPF CE's for farriers Friday lecture

"This event has been approved for 8 American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) Continuing Education Credits. 

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Lectures Friday,Saturday and Sunday.  Round table disucssion on Sunday afternoon after lecture.




Betsy Uhl D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVP, a veterinary pathologist at the University of Georgia and Michelle Osborn Ph.D., a functional and comparative anatomist at Louisiana State University will be returning to the 2017 Science Of Motion® International Conference. Betsy is investigating the role of aberrant mechanical forces in the induction of the tissue lesions characterizing degenerative joint diseases. Michelle is developing an animated 3D horse skeleton and will demonstrate how it can be used to model the mechanical effects of acquired postural asymmetries. To replicate an approach that has had great success in human medicine, they are combining their expertise to identify the sources of the pathomechanical stresses causing pain and lameness in horses. This year they will update their ongoing studies of navicular disease and present their initial investigations into pathomechanics of neck and spinal lesions. A comparative perspective focusing on the rider will also be emphasized. As in previous presentations, examples of lesions will be studied and participants will help determine what postural asymmetries and pathomechanics could have created them.

The first day of the 2017 Science Of Motion® International conference, Friday October 06, Esco Buff Esco Buff, PhD, APF-I, CF and Jean Luc Cornille MA, and Betsy Uhl D.V.M., PH.D,DACVP, together, are going to explain the kinematics abnormalities damaging the stifle and other joints, from the perspective of the forces acting from the hoof up onto the leg, (Esco),  form the perspective of the forces acting from the thoracolumbar column down to the hoof, (Jean Luc). and the pathomechanics of the lesion.(Betsy) Esco will also in morning discuss balance in the hoof Friday morning.

"There is no limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit." (John Wooden) When experts decide to join their knowledge for the benefit of the horse, both horses and riders greatly benefit. True recovery demands addressing the problem from both ends. The quality, balance and integrity of the structure absorbing the forces, the hoof (Esco), and the direction, duration, intensity and frequency of the forces acting down to the leg, the back (Jean Luc). Betsy will explain the nature of the lesion and of course the pathomechanic leading to the lesion.

The sequence of the stride where the hoof is on the ground, the support phase, is the theatre of numerous up and down forces along the legs. Forces are acting downward, as expected by gravity, but also upward, from the hoof capsule, the coffin joint and the fetlock up onto the limb. From impact to about 20% of the support phase, forces are acting downward onto the hoof. From 20% to about 45% of the stride, forces are acting upward onto the leg helping in propelling the trunk. From 45% to 60%, forces are acting downward and so on. Soundness and performances demand a hoof structure balanced and adjusted to absorb downward forces and a vertebral column structure controlling direction, duration, intensity and frequency of the forces acting down to the hoof.

Jean Luc Cornille-Saturday

Hind Leg is where the practical application of actual knowledge reaches a new dimension. From the coffin bone up to the femur. All the bones of the hind leg are shown and their function is described. They are all part of sound gaits and are damaged by aberrant kinematics. The lecture explains how training errors lead to problems such as for example the relation between improper rotation of the hock lower joint inducing abnormal movement of the fourth tarsal bone, which in turn displace the lateral splint bone causing suspensory damage. Hind legs explains how proper synchronization of all the bones has to be achieved and how to achieve it through educated functioning of the horse thoracolumbar spine. The lecture has been successfully presented at the February Colorado Symposium. the Major March conference is Finland and will be presented this coming week end at the Knoxville Tennessie vet school. Each time, the explanation goes deeper and further, Both on the possible damages and how to prevent the damages. The evolution of the science of motion is in line with the evolution of knowledge. Einstein responded to a student who wondered why the questions of the physics exam were the same that last year, this year the answers are different".  

Science of Motion®

Great news. We have a special guest Patrick, who is the artist crafting the Macel Samba is coming at the up-coming Science of Motion International Conference, explaining the concept and the construction of the Macel Samba. Patrick is planning to bring a saddle in pieces and explain the whole construction and concept. Jean Luc

Science Of Motion 2017 International Conference

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