Beyond Expectations: A case of kissing spine.

(Case Study)

Biomechanics of equines

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While recently, new surgical techniques are offering a solution to the problem of Kissing Spine,” The aftermaths of invasive surgery are raising serious questions by comparison to a non-invasive approach that only take a few months.

This horse was diagnosed with kissing spine between L4 and L5. As a result of the pain related to the situation, the horse had developed serious behavior problems. The kissing spine situation was approached addressing the back muscle imbalance that placed the spine into damaging alignment. The reeducation was fully done in motion. It was physical therapy.

The problem of kissing spine is often a combination of genetic predisposition placing the dorsal spines dangerously close, and a working attitude closing the dorsal spinous processes even more. The solution is to figure out the elements that are generating the wrong working attitude and create a functional vertebral column alignment.

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