Arpege Chazot mom 17yrs arrives in Orting WA from Canada. November 25th 2011

Work has begun to build her up in weight and health for her trip to her final forever home with us.

Arpege arrived today Dec 23rd 2011!

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Video of Arpege arrival and greeting her son Chazot.

I have to say, some humans are terrible, others are great. They are creating a network to make our reunion possible. My actual owner, Samanta Wheeler, thinks that Helyn and he would give me a very good retirement. She is donating me to them. I will stay at Caprice Equestrian Entreprise, which is at Calgary, Canada, until I finish raising my last baby. In December, if the plan goes on, I will travel to Georgia. Rosie Simkins who own HorseHaven Creek Farm in Washington State, has offered to keep me at her place until they can coordinate my trip. Rosie knows Chazot. He was living at her farm toward the end of his racing career. Helyn and he have thanked Rosie many times for the wonderful support she gave to Chazot as he was under her care. Rosie has since followed Chazot's evolution in his new life. Kay Mclemore Horse Transport is rearranging her schedule to keep a place in their truck for me. They transported Chazot from Seattle to Florida where Helyn and he were living when they purchased Chazot.

These people don't even know me. They like Chazot's charisma and are offering their help for our possible reunion. It is hard to understand how within the same species, there are humans who force us to perform into specialties for which we do not have much talent. There are humans who submit us to training techniques which are not even closely related to the way our physique effectively functions. There are people who beat us for bad behaviors without even thinking that we are in fact expressing physical difficulties or pain and there are humans, like the group who is forming around Helyn who care about us to the point of offering help just because they think that my life will be great.


Rosie husband Dr. Elliot Simkins as well donated his services on examing Arpege and they had her teeth floated and hooves done within days of her arrival. What a great team Rosie and Dr. Simkins!! Thank you.

Also special thank you to Lazy K Tack & Feed (Tony Lofton) 2828 Emerald Downs Dr, Auburn, WA 98001 who donated purple fleece for her halter to travel (purple for a Queen!)

Arpege 1st day turnout Dec 24th 2011

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