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Jan 28

  posted by PJ Tymann   from United States on 28.01.12 09:37

great article. do you think 'Arnica' is as effective as some of the other pain relief gels out there? I have my doubts. It seems to me that the liniments with menthol and eucalyptus work as well or better than arnica based products such as 'Sore no More'


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Feb 8

  posted by Kit  McGlinchey from United States on 08.02.12 09:19

Very helpful article on natural supplements and herbal alternatives for our horses. Thank you, Susan.
BTW, I am "Kitty Mack" on facebook.

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Mar 12

  posted by Tara  Jenkins from Canada on 12.03.12 23:01

The thought of sending Paolo for training has made me ill! Until I looked at the content of this website, my belief in any human being respecting his 'being' as much as me was an impossible concept. When the time comes ... and it will! I will contact you : )
With many thanks and warm salutations ...

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Apr 23

  posted by Gigi  Schofield from United States on 23.04.12 11:34

Hey Jean Luc!

How are you, my friend? I had the opportunity to run clinics with you in the early '90s in Connecticut. You were always terribly kind even though I almost landed in your lap a few times on a resistant bucking horse! I will also never forget the TB Hunt/Dressage Horse you recommended to me to exercise for one of your clients. You told me about not pulling on the reins as it would make him go faster. Didn't have a problem with that but did have a nasty stop in the woods that sent my hat flying!! Good times!! I hope you are well and happy! I hope to see you in person again. Thank you again and again for expressing so well the horses point of view and our relationship to these magnificent animals!!
Yours truly, Gigi Schofield

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May 25

  posted by Anita  Howe from United States on 25.05.15 09:59

Hello, and thank you. I have previously read a few of your articles that were posted through FaceBook, and finally went to your site and read your "Training Philosophy". I was so excited by what you've written, after re-reading it I felt compelled to say Thanks! I ride and train exclusively with easy-gaited horses. There is so much within the riding and training of these breeds that has evolved totally wrong for the horses that I now always go outside the gaited horse community for quality information that makes sense with what the horses are telling me is best for them. Almost every paragraph has something I feel worthy of highlighting. Bravo, and once again, thank you.

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Jun 29

  posted by Noeleen  Meiring from South Africa on 29.06.16 01:12

Dear Mr Cornille,

I have just discovered your website and am amazed at your results with rehabilitation and assisting horses reach their full potential.
Is there any way for me to learn these techniques, without attending a clinic - as I live in South Africa and could not afford to travel overseas to a clinic?

Hoping sincerely that you can assist me?
Kind regards,
Noeleen L. Meiring
South Africa

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Mar 13

  posted by Elizabeth  Yermin from India on 13.03.17 21:48

There is seriously no match when it comes to your great site, full of information and trustworthy content. Respect from bottom of my heart.

Mrs. Elizabeth Yermin

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