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I often think about the great horses I had the privilege to ride in International competitions, and I regret that at the time, I did not have the knowledge to lead them to better results and a sounder career. I am glad that Chazot did not come to me earlier in my life. He is extremely challenging, and without the lessons that I have learned from other talented horses, and the insights of modern equine research studies, I would not be able to resolve the problems that I face in his daily training.

The psychological aspect of his education can be compared to an educator's attempt to convert a rebellious child to a good student. The mental challenge lies in leading a brain that is saturated with protective reflex contractions and painful memories toward a sound coordination of the horse's physique. The physical question includes an analysis of the horse morphology, muscle imbalance, and points of strength and weaknesses.  A prescriptive gymnastic program is then formulated.

The making of Chazot demands the best of both:  the wisdom of centuries and the insights of modern science. Since we regularly document his work on video recording, the "Making of Chazot" is an authentic document, immensely educative, greatly inspiring and in some instances, quite entertaining. Jean Luc Cornille

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The best way to train a horse is to use techniques that “Align with the horse's view of the world," (Paul McGreevy, BVSc, MRCVS, PhD, MACVSc, associate professor of veterinary science at the University of Sydney in Camden, New South Wales, Austr

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