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Health-management Interaction: Horses: Introduction

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Horse Riding Arenas Footings Solutions

Footing Solutions, a California based company, brings the best German arena technology to the United States at a competitive price. Choose among the most innovative sand arena solutions available

Just Horse Videos

Just HorseVideos offers a wide selection of new and classic DVD (and VHS) titles, including major competitions, instruction programming, and documentaries covering many aspects of the equestrian industry.

Net Posse

Stolen Horse International

Dr. Kellon/

Nutritional requirements for the horse is a vastly overlooked field. It is my goal to give you the tools you need to make informed, educated decisions regarding your horse's health and nutrition.

Horse Journal

Magazine for horse owners/trainers which accepts no commercial advertising, conducts many field trials of products, supplements, feeds, etc.


Mineral Tolerances of Domestic Animals

Online Book

Zach's Tack On Old Dibble

We carry a professional line of Polo equipment and supplies. We specialize in handmade racing tack from Kentucky. Zach's Tack has a beautiful selection of Eventing and Fox Hunting saddles and equipment. All products are hand selected to ensure that you receive the quality and durability that you expect.

Caprine Supply

We get our clipper supplies from this wonderful

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Through its Web site, CANTER provides the means for the public to view what horses are ending their racing careers and are available for purchase or adoption at Thoroughbred racetracks in over eight states. CANTER volunteers walk the shadows of the racetracks taking listings and photographs for posting to the Web site. At most of our affiliates, the trainers may donate or sell their horse to CANTER and the organization will find approved non-race homes for their horses.

After The Finish Line

To educate the public about the health, protection, preservation and alternative career options of Thoroughbreds when their racing or breeding careers are over. To provide a quality of life for Thoroughbred horses by funding rescue and retirement organizations to help support the current Thoroughbreds in their care. To save additional Thoroughbreds from slaughter and neglect by contributing funds to the rescue and retirement organization's efforts to purchase, care for, rehabilitate and retrain horses for a non-racing career.

Speak Up For Horses

We Speak Up for Horses bound for slaughter and those neglected, abused, or discarded by rescuing and rehoming these horses. We also educate the public about horse slaughter, horse welfare laws, and what it means to be a responsible horse owner. Our work is driven by the belief that education seeds compassion, a life-long commitment to our horses and a respect for all life.

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Douglasville, GA


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