High Power Eccentric Training

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A complete work out for the horse, when executed under the saddle.

An effective weight loss program for the trainer, when executed at the lunge line.

The work in hand-lunge line version is presented here. The ground configuration is used to work main limbs and back muscles both eccentrically and concentrically. Eccentric contraction is a high power muscle contraction, which, if immediately followed by concentric contraction greatly increases the power of the contraction.. The concept is referred to as stretch-shorten contraction. The storage and recovery of elastic strain energy during a stretch-shorten contraction is an important element of success in equine athletic performances. The energy stored during the eccentric contraction can substantially amplify force and power production in the subsequent concentric contraction. 

This video is a short extract of the material used this coming week end  Immersion Program. The focus of Saturday journey about Forward Movement is about how to efficiently train an athlete for the demands of modern competitions. .

- Friday 10, Introduction to the science of motion’s work in hand

- Saturday 11, Forward movement

- Sunday 12, Work in hand part II the therapy

Science Of Motion