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Jean Luc Cornille

Equine Guest Speaker/Lectures

Equine Biomechanics

Professional public speaker, lecturer Jean Luc Cornille is available worldwide for events/seminars.

Jean Luc Cornille has a lifetime of experiences with horses to share in an engaging lecture style.  From his teen years exercising race horses, his classical education in the Cadre Noir de Saumur, and studies with many of Europe’s great trainers in both dressage and jumping, Jean Luc has a wealth of anecdotes that have fascinated, educated, and entertained his many students around the globe.  As he competed at international level events in 3-day eventing, show-jumping and dressage, and coached others to the Olympic levels, he sought answers to the difficult questions that arose in training, soundness and performance.  His quest lead him to the science of biomechanics of the horse, and he excels at “translating” the most updated scientific knowledge into usefull information for the equestrian.  He speaks of horses with both authority and sensitivity, and always, his passion for the well-being of the horse.

Symposia / Lectures

Compose your own Symposium.

Select three of the topics listed below and add a question/ answer period. 

2 hours for each topic

Lecture Series

-Forward movement & Balance control

Braking phase and pushing phase. How the equine back muscles convert the thrust generated by the hind legs into vertical forces.


In the light of new scientific knowledge, straightness is indeed, narrowing the corridor

-Lateral bending and associated transversal rotation

In the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, lateral bending is always coupled with a movement of transversal rotation


Living organisms are constructed from tiers of systems within a system within a system. Superior performances as well as soundness demand that a complex network of systems is properly coordinated.

This lecture goes beyond superficial appearances, (judging standards), explaining how to prepare the horse physique and rewire the horse’s central nervous system for the physical demands of modern performances.

-Dressage over the jump,

(Frame by frame decomposition of a jump and main muscles involved in each sequence of the jump.

Study of the gymnastic exercises preparing the horse’s physique for the athletic demand of a jump)

Biomechanics of

Dressage Movements


Each movement is studied from its classical inspiration (history), to its ability of educating the horse physique for the athletic demand of dressage and jumping performances.  

-Biomechanics of Shoulder for

-Biomechanics of Shoulder in

-Biomechanics of Half pass

-Biomechanics of the circle bend to the outside

-Biomechanics of Piaff

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