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Watching Charpege playing at the lunge line, with the saddle remaining perfectly in line with her thoracolumbar column, I was thinking that stability, was the one of the main reasons why I choiced the Samba.

Stability is a fundamental element for correctness of the gaits, precision of the performances, and soundness.

In motion, the horse’s thoracolumbar column bends laterally right and left in synchronization with the limbs movements.

Lateral bending is always coupled with transversal rotation shifting the dorsal spines toward the inside of the bend. Theoretically, transversal rotations are even right and left of an imaginary vertical axis. In reality, muscles imbalance, morphological flaw, aggravated by   thick padding of the saddle, disturb proper biokinematics of the thoracolumbar spine.

The theory of wider tree and thick padding giving comfort, might be true standing still.  In motion, the instability created by transversal shifts of the saddle is compromising gaits, performances and conversation between the horse and the rider. 

As the saddle moves transversally, the rider perception of the horse’s back is distorted, as well as horse’s feeling of the rider’s back. The close contact design of the Samba allows a unique stability.

Instability is what disturbs me the most when I have to ride in those thick padding dressage saddles perching the rider high above the horse’s back. These saddles are acting like a “third language” between the horse and the rider.

Riding is dynamics; it is physics; it is forces, tensegrity, elastic energy. Precise equitation is an equitation developing and coordinating the horse’s physique for the athletic demand of the performance. This equitation demands stability. 

Even more, when the subject is rehabilitating the horse from injury. Exercise therapy is about coordinating precisely the horse physique for the athletic demands of the move. Precision relies on stability.  Jean Luc COrnille

PS. The saddle on the picture is an earlier model of the samba. The saddle pictured here is twelve years old. The color is dark brown.       

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