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Specialized Entheses

Linus Paulin defines the process of scientific research as “factual documentation of test hypothesis.” The factual documentation might be complex, difficult and costly. A less scrupulous form of “science”, has resolved the problem, skipping the factual documentation and furthering the assumption. Considering the nature of human nature, the science of assumption banks on the belief that if repeated long and loud enough, an assumption will soon be perceived as reality. The sacroiliac joint is like two completely different joint view from the science of assumption and the factual documentation of test hypothesis. The science of assumption pretends that the joint moves. No explanation is never offered; just statements. True science based on factual documentation view the sacroiliac joint form a totally different perspective. The structure and very strong stabilization mechanism suggest that even if named a joint, the SIJ is more like a specialized Entheses designed to transport considerable forces from the pelvis and therefore the hind legs, to the sacrum, and therefore the thoracolumbar spine.

Some wonder why there is still a joint there since it does not move, but thinking forces, it became logical that fibrocatilages having some flexibility, are more apt at transporting forces acting in different directions. If nature had, over centuries, fused the sacroiliac joint it would be a bone and a bone can only transport force in one direction. The specific structure of the joint where two different fibrocartilages are covering the sacral part and the ilium part aim toward the thought that this specific structure is constructed to transport, from the pelvis to the sacrum, forces acting in different directions.

The hypothesis is attractive as it explains why two different fibrocartilages covers the two faces of the joint. If proven by further studies, the theory would avoid the misinterpretation related to the term joint. Because a joint is designed to move, the term joint suggest movement. Specialized Entheses is a better definition as it is a structure transporting forces without movement.  Jean Luc Cornille