The Intelligence of Soundness Mechanorepsonsiveness Series

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The Intelligence of Soundness



The aim of the series  Mechanoresponsiveness is introducing riders, trainers and therapists to the wonder but also the complexity of the equine biological mechanism. Our predecessors have elaborated riding and training techniques as well as therapies, based on the knowledge that was available at their time. A new generation of knowledge is now introducing a new generation of riding techniques, training approaches and therapies.




Each article and video of the series  Mechanoresponsiveness explores in detail a new discovery and explain how such discovery further the subtlety and efficiency or the riding technique and the ability to better prepare the horse’s physique for the athletic demand of the performance. The aim of therapies is restoring sound locomotion. This seriesmechanoresponsiveness explains how motion is becoming the most efficient therapy.



The rider is ultimately the horse’s sole protection and the horse’s ability to perform at its full potential and remain sound depends largely on the rider’s knowledge.


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