Lecture Immersion 1 Introduction to IM1

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Introduction to the Science of Motion

Immersion One on DVD

Immersion One was held April 16th at the Science of Motion's training center. The topic was how the horse's body functions in the light of advanced understanding of the equine physiology and how such knowledge can enhance training techniques and therapies. Many have been unable to attempt the event and have asked for the video recording of the different lectures. This DVD is the full recording of the introductory lecture, (1hour).   

Any living creature is composed of systems within systems within systems. Most training formulas are acting at superficial level creating problems at deeper levels. This is also true for therapies. In this introductory lecture, Jean Luc explains how the horse's physique effectively works, how the systems interact and how they can be efficiently coordinated through the practical application of advanced research studies.

Through the history of the work in hand and in particular the events that lead to the unique work in hand that is practiced at the Science of Motion, Jean Luc explains with humor how and why this unique technique is efficient as training technique as well as therapy.

Through powerful videos where Olympic horses demonstrate mediocre piaff and physical suffering in the middle of the Atlanta Olympic ring, Jean Luc exposes the inefficiency of actual training techniques. Showing by comparison the piaff of the Holsteiner Corlandus under the skilled ride of Margit Otto Crepin and the Selle Francais Lafayette, Jean Luc explains the difference between conventional riding and training techniques and training and riding techniques updated to modern understanding of the equine physiology.   

Truly entertaining and immensely informative the video-lecture is a journey into a new world. A world free of Rollkur, Deep Work and other abuses, a world that clearly demonstrate the primitivism of swinging back and other inaccurate theories, a world which offers a real and intelligent partnership with the horse.






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