Science Of MotionThe Side Effects Of Lungeing

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Renowned author and advocate for equine health, Jean Luc Cornille, sorts facts from fiction about lungeing in this profound, 53-page, illustrated book. Cornille explains with crystal clarity the severity of damages incurred by extended sessions. A must for every trainer, rider, and anyone that has ever loved a horse!

By Susan Hopf
Jean Luc Cornille has produced a book that will be the "go to" reference for everyone interested in understanding just how the horse functions in response to human request. Lungeing has always been accepted as the foundation of training young horses. Thanks to Mr. Cornille we now know that these age-old methods are in fact damaging to our horses. This book will grant all horse people a deeper base of knowledge on the biomechanics of the horse as well as the destructive forces at work on the legs and spine when worked in a perpetual circle. Also offering sage advice for those times when lungeing is a must (mostly to do with the safety of the rider) the book is a must have for all those wishing to school their horse(s) with best intentions for those animals.


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