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Equine Kissing Spine

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Adequate gymnastic is in fact the horse’s sole hope. The reeducation is precise, demands great consistency, but is not outrageously difficult. In fact, the difficulty is more turning the back to old habits. “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” (Albert Einstein) The horse’s thoracolumbar spine can be reeducated addressing the horse’s thoracolumbar column as it really works and not how conventional equitation thinks it should works

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Long but not low

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The nuchal ligament is an elastic structure inserted at one end on the dorsal spinous process of the fourth thoracic vertebra and attached at the other end on the cervical vertebrae and the skull. The general consensus is that the nuchal ligament supports the head in an alert position, yet stretches enough to allow grazing. In reality, in reality the opposite is true, the nuchal ligament is not under tension when the horse holds the head and neck in an alert posture.

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Sacroiliac Strain Therapy Through Motion Jean Luc Cornille PDF


Clearly explained, abundantly illustrated, highly documented, this large study provides precious insights on how to prevent, or if it is already too late, how to rehabilitate sacroiliac dysfunction. However there is no exercise that can fix a SIJ problem.The aim of this study is preciously explain that SIJ problems are the outcome an incorrect body coordination inducing stress on the SIJ. Only full understanding of the equine loco motor system can help in the rehabilitation of the SIJ problem. This knowledge is the purpose of this book. SIJ is a problem related to the overall functioning of the horse’s physique. The SIJ joint is not supposed to move and when abnormal stress occur the joint develop several protective reflex mechanism. The most common is inflammation and sensitivity of the system of ligaments that is stabilizing the joint. This is mostly a training issue in the sense that abnormal movement is created somewhere in the body inducing abnormal stress on the SIJ. The solution is identifying the source of the abnormal kinematics and correct it through appropriated gymnastic. It is extremely naive to think that one exercise or one manipulation could resolve the problem

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Stretching and Relaxation Myths and Reality

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After contraction comes relaxation. Both aspects of muscular work create movements. The quality of the movement is nto proportional to the re

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The Side Effects Of Lunging

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Even the most benign medication has side effects. Aspirin for instance, may upset one’s stomach. Curiously, while the advantages of lungeing are often promoted, the negative effects are rarely addressed. It is evidently considered safer to have a horse bucking with excessive energy at the end of the lunge line, than under saddle. The damages created by extended lungeing sessions, however, are severe and definitively need to be exposed.

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Transversal Rotations in the Equine Vertebral Column

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Many riding and training principles, which have been conceived prior to this knowledge, are unconsciously creating inverted rotation. These principles are ultimately hampering the horse's potential and placing the horse's soundness in jeopardy.

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What Is The Science Of Motion® Jean Luc Cornille

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Jean Luc Cornille What is The Science Of Motion®

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