Susan Hopf reviews SIJ - Sacroiliac Joint

Without a healthy sacroiliac joint no horse can perform according to the rider’s demands. Compensatory damage is created as horses are forced into movements and positions they simply cannot attain, nor maintain. Jean Luc Cornille once again offers a dynamic text that, this time, focuses in on the equine sacroiliac joint (SIJ). With it’s complex anatomy and relationship to surrounding joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the whole of the horse, it’s dysfunction creates a host of issues for our mounts. Well-diagramed examples of appropriate anatomical features illustrate this complex and misunderstood hind limb joint. In addition, photographs taken from equine necropsies clearly show the pathology that results from riding our horses with improper bending. From crooked spines to atrophied gluteal muscles we damage our horses with every step taken in an incorrect position. Although highly technical the text makes clear the causes and corrections needed in order to improve our schooling approach.

The art of riding cannot be complete without sound scientific study regarding the functional anatomy of the horse. For millennia masters of equestrian study have struggled with inexact methodology regarding how best to school their equine wards. Those that ride, in present times, need no longer worry about which approach is best understood by the horse. Nor do those that ride need to acquire a veterinary degree in order to accomplish such lofty goals as a truly harmonious partnership with their horse. Jean Luc Cornille’s Equine Sacroiliac Joint and it’s Dysfunction will lead all that seek such knowledge down the correct path. Science will enhance the art of your riding. For an in-depth understanding of this complex joint and all of it’s associated structures, as it relates to riding, there is no better text. 

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