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Apr 12

 Stolen Horses

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Harley, Missy and Perky - Team Penning Horses Stolen in Polk County, FL - 12/14/07

Print flyer for Team Penning Horses.

"My name is Perrin Ivey. My horses were stolen Wednesday 12/12/07. Someone rode onto my property on another horse, got my 3 horses, cut my fence at the back of my pasture, cut another fence and took them about 1 to 2 miles to the road and put them onto a trailer. My 10 y/o grandson who competed on and enjoyed these horses is devastated. All three are finished Team Penning / Sorting horses that my 11 y/o and I ride. Please post and forward to anyone that may be able to help. A reward is available for information leading to there return. Thank you and God bless " -- Perrin Ivey

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