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Jan 9

  posted by admin   from  on 09.01.11 21:29

Welcome! Chazot would love to hear from you.

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Jan 14

  posted by Joanane  Firoozieh from  on 14.01.11 09:41

Chazot - I LOVE your piaffe (even if you were moving forward) very composed and poised - beautiful balance.
Your earlier comments about carrots made me roar with laughter - all my horse friends do the staring with varying levels of intensity to get bits of their friends' carrots!!

Looking forward to following your "Thoughts".


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Jan 22

  posted by carol   from United States on 22.01.11 16:34

Love Chazot. As you know was his biggest fan at Emerald Downs. Just like seeing his updates.

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Jan 22

  posted by Basa  Nova from United States on 22.01.11 16:38

Hi Chazot - Basa here. It is frigid up here in the north. I wear a giant purple snow suit as do the girls I share my pasture with - the humans call us the grape nuts - they think they're hilarious - we think they're the ones that are nuts. Hope things are warmer where you are. I understand that you are moving soon - hope that goes smoothly. I am sure that Helyn and JL will make it as pleasant as possible for you and your friend Mannie.

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Jan 22

  posted by Donna  Riggs from United States on 22.01.11 16:58

I love you, Chazot.

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Jan 22

  posted by Elvis  Bett from United States on 22.01.11 17:20

Hello again...this is Elvis...I hear you are moving closer to SC soon. Maybe we will finally get to meet in person. Me and my buddy Splash enjoy hearing about your exploits....so keep writing. See you soon. Have a great move...I am sure you will love your new home as I love mine!!!

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Jan 23

  posted by Kelly  Cesarz from  on 23.01.11 21:59

Hey Chazot. I liked hearing about your story. I rear too and would like my person (Kelly) to help me get over it - she is not so knowledgable like Jean Luc! I didn't like the race track either. I did win my last race, but then was DONE. Kelly, loves me, and takes great care of me, but she is VERY boring. Maybe Jean Luc can help her be cool again? - Mojo

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Feb 15

  posted by Jeannie   from United States on 15.02.11 02:56

Hi Chazot. You're one lucky guy to have JL as your human. I spent my first 5 years at my breeder's spacious farm, where I had the important job of raising weanlings.....but I wanted more. Boy was I shocked upon starting my new life in the confusing human world after my breeder 'abandoned' me with my new human (Jeannie). I got lucky though. I had no idea how to communicate at the time and she didn't seem to understand my hissy fits (I can't imagine why!) but she tried so hard to understand me. I finally figured out how to tell her things and it's helped us both in the past 6 years together. I'm like your friend, Manchester, as I think more methodically and lay awake at night trying to figure out things. While Jeannie easily understood her old friend of 20 years (a quick thinking hot blood....like you), she's worked very hard to understand my sensitivities and way of thinking. I'd love to meet your human (JL). I'll bet he could translate so many things I want to say! If you let him come out to visit me in the Pacific NW, I promise I'll send him back to you!
Thank you,
'Imperial Phantom' the elegant Morgan!

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Dec 25

  posted by Kit  McGlinchey from United States on 25.12.11 17:07

I am so glad to have found you and this website. i have trained, ridden and partnered with horses my entire life. You have put into words (and print) what it has taken a lifetime for me to learn on my own. Thank you. I notice with some alarm, that the dates of Chazot's "comments" are from January, 2011. I sincerely hope that all is well - and that He will start writing again. Happiest of Holidays to you, He & Helyn - I hope your momma arrives safely and well. Hugs, Kit

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