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Jan 9

  posted by admin   from  on 09.01.11 21:28

Welcome! We hope you are enjoying the journey.

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Jan 26

  posted by Rosemary  Crowley from United States on 26.01.11 18:15

Thank you so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website. I have subscribed to your newsletter and would like to attend your clinic in May in the United States, Pennsylvania.
Happy New Year.

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Mar 12

  posted by Deirdre  Mc Ferran from Ireland on 12.03.12 12:22

Great horsemen are a gift from god. Really loved all the stories and videos.

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Jun 11

  posted by Arlene  Walker from United States on 11.06.13 16:47

Thanks for getting back on my mares lameness-have been riding and doing some conditioning like keeping the head up ! thanks so much I have to read more thanks so much !
You all ready have me on your mailing list .

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Dec 14

  posted by Laurabeth  Michels from United States on 14.12.13 17:04

I have enjoyed your articles tremendously........due to a broken back I can no longer ride. Your writing and explanation of therapies has brought me closer to the equestrian world than I ever hoped to be again. Many Thanks Jean Luc

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Mar 3

  posted by ReGina  Jasaitis from Canada on 03.03.14 19:51

Hi JL,

Thank you for providing this wonderful web-site. Now if I could just get some people I know to read it. On behalf of the horse, Thank You!

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Sep 8

  posted by Susan  Wolfson from United States on 08.09.14 22:14

Thanks so much for promoting a deeper understanding of motion of our horses. I was given a lame horse who used to be a wonderful athlete. I am hoping I can use your techniques to help her move comfortably again. She deserves to be the best she can but also to move without pain.

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Jan 11

  posted by Kristin Hansen   from United States on 11.01.15 10:02

Hi JL and Helen,

As I re and re-read, I study. When I am with my horses, your teachings and shares influence my thinking, feeling and objectives. It is awesome to be 'different' and Inspired:)

Thank you!

Kris Hansen

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