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Jean Luc Cornille

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless and corrupt.” (Mahatma Gandhi)



When you have members of the governing body working in suppressing medical help to peoples who really need it, because they want to keep the money for the oil or other companies which own them, this is corruption at the higher level of indecency. However, unless organized at a national level, civil disobedience is unlikely to work. Horses who disobey revolting against injustice and incompetence are physically abused and even die in agony transported to the slaughter house. One just have to watch the outrageous brutality exerted against the native American trying to protect their land and water from the construction of an oil pipeline, to realize that the condition of humans is not much better.


The solution is demonstrated by the greatest horses, the ones who have the athleticism to get rid of any rider if they want, but intelligence to work instead with the humans who deserve the title of human.  The governing body is reaching an unprecedented level of incompetence, corruption and indecency. They are elected because peoples are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught and not educated enough to question what they have been taught. As well, many great horses meet riders educated enough to know the judging standards but not educated enough to know how the horse physique needs to be developed and coordinated for the athletic demand of the performance. However, greatness stimulates greatness and humans deserving the title of humans further their education to deserve their horse.


Often, great horses meet great riders and learn that in order to respect each other, they have to turn their back to the governing bodies. The equestrian world want to submit equine athletes to system antiquated and false because they deny the evolution of scientific knowledge. They perpetuate the erroneous belief that the alighting hind leg propels the horse body upward as soon as ground contact. Scientific studies demonstrated since 1996 that at instead, the forelegs produce 57% of the vertical impulse while the hind legs only 43%. Pretenders promote the relaxed and swinging back when already In 1976, Hans Carlson demonstrated that the main function of the back muscles was resisting movement, protecting the thoracolumbar spine form movements that would exceed the thoracolumbar spine possible range of motion. They deny that lateral bending is always coupled with transversal rotation because they are too incompetent to know it and if they know the phenomenon in theory, they don’t have the experience to apply the knowledge. The practical application of actual knowledge demands questioning the wisdom of our predecessors. The ones who elect imposters or train with pretenders, refuse questioning traditional views because they would have to have the intelligence to realize that what was legitimately regarded are true years ago, is no longer true in the light of actual knowledge.


Many, in the equestrian world perpetuates antiquated beliefs because they meet horse talented enough to compensate for the rider’s ignorance. Instead, the ones who respect their horse and are willing to learn from their horse how to better train their horse, move away from training scales unrelated to actual knowledge. They embrace science and discover qualities of their horses that were hidden and even altered by traditional beliefs. Progressive and intelligent riders meet the resistance of the dummies who deny the natural rigidity of the horse’s back bone as well as global warming but they are intelligent enough to realize that they don’t need these dummies. Stupidity and corruptions are definitively a lethal combination but life can be run in parallel between humans deserving the title of humans and horses intelligent enough to educate these humans. At the least until stupidity and corruption trigger world war III. Jean Luc Cornille 2016