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Dressage-Jumpers-3 Day Eventers

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From Dressage Today

One of the best investments you could make,

for your riding and your horse

Through Jean Luc’s extensively diversified and decorated equestrian

career, he has become a master at equine performance analysis.

Whether to simply improve the daily relationship between horse

and rider or to prepare a horse for upper level performances, Jean

Luc  Cornille has garnered world-wide recognition for his ability to decipher

and resolve the underlying cause of apparent physical inabilities or

talent limitations.

Jean Luc has international medal-winning expertise in:


Show Jumping

3-Day Eventing


also, work in-hand

Jean Luc specializes in:

unlocking the hidden talent of both horse and rider

establishing better performances, on the flat and over fences

resolving idiopathic lameness

educating how to avoid rider-induced lameness

improving the quality of the horse’s daily life

Specific ‘syndromes’ commonly addressed by Jean Luc include:


Club foot

Kissing spine

Refusing the water jump

Muscle imbalances in general

Jean Luc trains beginner through international competitor

Special Conditions for International clinics ,for information contact

Flat Fee Clinic


-2 day Weekends

-Great flexibility. The day, (6 working hours) can be divided between Lessons, Lectures, Demonstrations and riders

-No limits to the number of auditors.

-Flat fee, $1860.00 per day.

-Flat fee includes air transportation.

-Transport from and to airport, Lodging and meal covered by clinic organizer.

Regular Clinic


-2 day clinics. weekends.

-8 lessons per day, (private lesson, 45 min)

-No auditor fees for SOM. Host recieves auditor fees

-Fee per lesson, $232.50

-Lesson fee includes air transportation.

-Transport from and to airport, Lodging and meals covered by clinic

2017 Clinic Updates

To book a clinic with Jean Luc Cornille in USA are as follows:

$232.50. USD per rider (45 mint lesson) min-max 8 riders per day.

2 day weekend clinics

Deposit of $350. payable at booking and refunded (deducted from total pay to JLC at end of the clinic.) Non -refundable if host cancels the  clinic.

Air ticket purchased by host 1 month prior to clinic and deducted from total payout to JLC at end of clinic.

In both discipline, Jean Luc analyzes the horse’s technique, style and difficulties, provides appropriated gymnastic program and explains how to properly apply the program.

For clinic schedule and other information, please contact or   

Or call, (Helyn) 706-816-7259     

Special Conditions for International clinics ,for information contact

Private Lessons at Science Of Motion Farm

At our farm with your horse

Riding and/OR In Hand work

$225. HR

Call or email Helyn to set up appointment. 706-485-1217

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Clinic and riders Testimonails

Jean Luc,

My mind has been filled to the bursting point ever since the clinic this past weekend! I have been very sad because it was raining when I got home Sunday and it was raining when I got out of work yesterday, so I have not yet been to the barn to begin more dialogue with my mare. Today it will be clear after work so I am very excited to go see her.

It occurred to me while I was turning things over in my mind this morning that what you are teaching and demonstrating in training our horses, giving them the credit for the brains they have in their heads, boils down to this; it is truly relating to them in LOVE.

Every other "method" of training to which I have been exposed seems to have the goal of domination and control OVER the horse. You do not teach this, you teach us to relate with kindness and consideration for their own opinions and feelings, trusting them to tell us what feels good and helping them to find the way to move that is most comfortable for them. This is NOT domination or control, this is truly LOVE.

I would also venture to offer that those of us who WANT to relate to our horses in love have been fooled by the charlatans that you can still dominate and control and that this is the way to show love, but this is not so. I was one of those so fooled.

This weekend showed me the way of love and now I better understand why my mare has suddenly become SO much more affectionate to me. It used to be if I went to the barn with my husband she would fawn all over him and avoid me. He has a wonderful way with animals and I was the one doing all the training, so it felt that she was asking him to save her from me. I never felt jealous of her affection for him, I treasure his love for her, but never really understood this behavior. Now when I go to the barn with him she absolutely pushes him away from her to allow me room to approach and then she loves and nuzzles all over me, totally ignoring him! What a change! He is somewhat hurt by this change and he used to love to tease me about how much more she loved him than me. So now the shoe is on the other foot, lol. I can only attribute this to the fact that I began opening that conversation with her after reading through everything on your web site, and it is such a completely different dynamic! I am so excited about exploring this relationship more and enjoying the dance, as you put it, in a much more loving way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, just for being who you are and doing what you do. You have removed the mystery and the theology and helped me to see with fresh eyes and a far better understanding how to work WITH my mare Cheyenne. She is already responding to what I could perceive to change before attending the clinic. I am quite sure she will respond even more positively as we begin to work more within the realm of what makes her feel the most comfortable, allowing her to have her own opinion and use her own brain to solve the puzzles or questions that I put to her.

Much love to you and your wife and Chazot and Manchester and Charpege! You are truly an amazing human being!

Cheyenne sends her love and appreciation as well!


CJ, Just wanted to share with you that I audited with another clinician for a few hours today and I really thought she didn't hold a candle to Jean Luc. Here's why -- he gave me a lot of food for thought, things to ponder as I work on my own with my horse, ideas that will remain relevant throughout the course of our training partnership. The clinician, on the other hand, just told the riders what to do (left rein, right leg, transition, slow down, etc.). She essentially "rode" the horses for them. The horses got better and the riders were happy, but I didn't feel like she gave them anything to take home, except for maybe some mechanics, not the broader philosphy behind them. I have no doubt that she knows her stuff inside and out - she is XXXXXX assistant, after all. She can ride and train. But she wouldn't be my first choice for a clinician. I asked Jean Luc for the "how to" on half pass, and he explained the broader goals, not just tactics for achieving them. I am still wrestling with his approach to HP, totally opposite from what I have learned, but nonetheless interesting and fun to struggle with!

I suspect that many people prefer XXXXX because she is teaching the things they will have read and heard already. She is not challenging the status quo. And I suspect that JLC may be less broadly popular because he goes "outside the box." But I think his goals of lightness and balance are exactly right. And his teaching style is ultimately more educational (at least for me). 

Just wanted to share these insights with you. (you can share it with him too!) Thought you might appreciate what I am trying to say.

...And if you do get the time to organize another clinic, let me know (-;

Best, LB

a post script for you regarding Half Pass work. It paid off in the show ring! Yesterday I went to a schooling show and rode Third 3 - it has four HP, two trot, two canter, all with a 2x coefficient. We scored 7/7/6.5/7.5 and a 67%. For us that was pretty darn good! So that out-of-the-box thinking does help in the sand box! LB

I was very fortunate and excited to attend this clinic at Whisperwood Acres in West Bend, WI. Jean Luc started by explaining his basis for correcting imbalance and even lameness in the horse, and how the rider needs to address the horse's issues with their own balance. I sat, open-mouthed (literally - I caught myself staring like an idiot!), through his entire initial presentation. 

He was startlingly humble and patient, working with each horse and rider as individuals and studying them quietly and carefully before deciding on a course of action. He was soft-spoken and soft in his approach. Even his casual stories were humble and humorous. Every horse made an effort to touch him, and he touched every horse both with his hands and his quiet presence. He used his hands a lot, and I had to edit down carefully the images of his hands, especially the ones at the end of the day when he was answering questions in the most beautiful light. Please visit his website, Science of Motion, for more specific information on the man and his methods.

Heather K McManamy

ShortHorse Studios

Dear Jean Luc,

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for being willing to come to our area and relate your expert knowledge to us!  Your approach was so refreshing!  It does seem that the German philosophy is so "overbearing" to the horses.  Thank you, also, for your thoughts about horses and their kind natures and intelligence.  It seems that so many people think they are only there to be bullied and to satisfy ego expectations.  They are very special creatures indeed. 


Paula Salter

Heartfelt Farm

Everyone thoroughtly enjoyed Jean Luc. Most of the participants have never been exposed to a clinician of this magnitude with the clear knowledge , understanding, research and presentation to truly help every horse - we are all on a Jean Luc "High". He is truly one of a kind. Also, as you well know he has a wonderful sense of humour which really added to the fun and everyone was comfortable with him, they were not intimidated and felt at ease with asking questions. Even the facility owner, who is a western/natural horsemanship based rider said he enjoyed it and picked up quite a few concepts that he wants to incorporate into his riding and teaching.  Thank you for sharing him with us! Pamela McKnight

"Thanks again so much for hosting, organizing, running, etc. the clinic this weekend.  It was so fabulous.  I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and work with Jean Luc.  He is an extraordinary man.  If you wind up giving him feedback from the weekend, please let him know how grateful I am and how highly I think of him. "

"The more I think about it, the more I applaud Jean Luc's work.  I, too, am a researcher, so I really appreciate that aspect.  For him to collect all of the relevant data and apply it to riding is inspiring.  I also admire him for saying that many of the classical methods are not appropriate, given the knowledge we now have about the horse's musculoskeletal system.  I would really love for him to be able to deliver this information to a very large number of people.  I wish they would consider having him speak at the national USDF meetings." CJ

I can honestly say that I am having more fun with my riding then I ever progress is extremely slow and I am sure to the outside world they wonder what the heck is taking me so long...but all the mini lightbulbs that keep going off as I am able to connect with my horses - it really is a mind, body, spirit thing...just hoping it will all come together some day. In the meantime, though, Berend, Marten and I are enjoying the journey and they especially are glad Jean Luc has come into our lives! Pamela Mcknight

Comments on Our DVD's and Books

Love the harmony and cherished relationship your videos bring to viewers. One hand on shoulder, wow! The gesture is so simple and yet so full of trust and love and shared being in the moment. Thank you! George Buggs

One Hand On His Shoulder” is an amazing bit of fresh air. Breaking with tradition Jean Luc Cornille demonstrates, with great intellect and humor, just how much the horse can teach the humans with which they interact. With grace and artistry Mr. Cornille presents his work in-hand with Lafayette clearly showing that so much more can be accomplished if we accept and listen to the horse. A lovely video that brings back the art of horsemanship and has certainly inspired me to listen more and demand less of each horse I work with. Susan Hopf

I just finished reading your new CD for the second time and want to thank you for it.  Though it gives a great deal of meaty science-based material, the excellent anatomical renderings really help to illustrate the text.  Finally, a book to bring it all together: the science, the training, for the good of the horse.  Your unique sense of humor and  cartoons were appreciated, as were the photos of you riding.  I have to assume that there are other books on the way, and will look for them on your website. Caroyln Sanchez

Jean Luc approaches his challenge drawing on the wisdom of the traditional masters, especially de la Gueriniere, combined with a deep understanding of the functional anatomy of the horse given by more modern scientific investigations.  The anatomical illustrations are especially noteworthy for their clarity.  These illustrations are combined with high quality video clips of horses in motion.  Seeing them together is what really makes clear the connection between the horse’s skeletal alignment while in motion and either a balanced, supple gait or a strained, damaging gait.  This horse’s problem may be unique, but in using this case Jean Luc has provided insights into the biomechanics of horse and rider that throw light on all sorts of training issues.  I will enjoy viewing this video many times over for guidance in riding and training my own horse.  I recommended it especially to people who enjoy thinking about how horses move in that magical way they can”. Bradley Bockrath

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