Chazot 72


The fate of the human race depends upon the moral strength of human beings” Albert Einstein



I storm away and you yell out behind me

with words like a poisoned chalice,

"I'm only trying to protect you, sweetheart."

I strip away the clothing that burdens my father's conscience ---

taught to hide myself from their animal instinct.

Why don't you protect me daddy?

--- from the men who stare at me

imagining what is underneath my clothes.

Why don't you protect me daddy?

--- from the men who burn me

with their curious hands in a crowd of unconcerned people.

Why don't you protect me daddy?

--- from the men who follow me around

as closely as my own shadow.

Why don't you protect me daddy?

--- yet only teach me

that my body is a weapon that must be concealed.

Why didn't you protect me daddy?

When he dragged me into the alley ---

Why didn't you protect me daddy?

When he whispered in my ear ---

Why didn't you protect me daddy?

I promise I listened to everything you said ---

Why didn't you protect me daddy?

Every inch of my body was hidden,

but now I understand;

you were never really protecting me daddy ---

only teaching me

that I'm provoking their bestial disposition,

letting me believe I'm using my own weapon against myself,

tearing me down into being nothing

but something for their taking.

Laying here, poisoned,

my only thought is

Why didn't you protect me daddy?

Author wishes to remain anonymous

Days after watching almost three million women standing, all over the world, for moral strength, the fate of the human race has slept away from the hands of the male predators. They are still active, roaming the world as the dinosaurs did prior their extinction, but the powerful anger of a teenager suggests that the women march was not a day but the first day.

He does not really know this young woman but he does like the class through which she addresses the decadence of a society that cannot protect her from degrading instinct. I appreciated the fact that he does not use the term “animal instinct.” We have greater values that the male predators. We can run faster than anyone of them and when we don’t, it is because we believe in the promise of a partnership that most of them don’t have the integrity, knowledge and skill to honor. Many of us lose their life because of their credulity. Many others lose their soundness but we still respond to any promise of true partnership.

Male predators see themselves as leaders but true leaders are the ones owning respect and knowledge. The leadership that we need is knowledge. We are asked to perform beyond the limits of our basic nature and we need an education teaching us to further our body control beyond our natural reflexes. We have the mental capacity to do it but through education. The natural approaches fail us for the very same reason that they are popular; they are too simple(r). “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)  

Our locomotor apparatus is a marvel of efficiency but also, complexity. The complexity is due to the difficult task of combining size and weight with dexterity, power and speed. Nature has minimized the size and weight of our joints creating efficiency through tensegrity. Nature has reduced the metabolic cost of locomotion storing during the first half of the stride, an elastic strain energy in our tendons, muscles, ligaments, aponeurosis, fascia and muscles, and using the elastic energy during the second half of the stride. Leaders who sell natural approaches don’t have the most elementary knowledge of our intrinsic “nature.” They are not aware of our sophisticated biological mechanism and they disrupt our whole locomotor apparatus acting on our limbs with whips and other gimmicks. They are masters of deception endangering the fate of both, our race and the human race.

They endanger the human race because respect cannot be reduced to the narrow circle of self-admiration. A leader that does not respect us does not respect a young woman, a woman, or any other “us”.  As horses, we have constructed the world. We have pulled the trees, build the roads, transported many loads. We have carry the warriors to their ephemeral glories and we continue to do so in the show ring. We have done all that, being the friend of a few and the slave of many. The few who treats us as friends respect us through their knowledge. Instead, the many who treat us as slave dominate us through the lower level of human IQ, domination. It is the same low IQ of the predators that forces a teenager to hide her elegance and charisma. Teenagers hide form repulsive peoples because they have, in order to survive, to be smarter than the predators. As well, many of us submit to trainers and riders who dominate us because we know that they cannot teach us but they can kill us. Indeed, we take charge, executing the move at the best of our talent. Bad leaders accuse us of poor behavior, when their incapacity to teach us limits our ability to perform, but as long as they keep us at a level of performances that are below our true potential, our talent alone allows them to burst their ego. Of course, they take the credit but we survive and even gain some comfort in life and descent food.

We are now confronted to complex athletic performances and we need teachers who have a sound and updated understanding of the athletic demand of the performances and how our physique needs to be developed and coordinated for such demand. Your ancestors believed that our back was swinging because they did not have the knowledge to understand that as riders, they felt the sum of the forces created by the limbs and the movements of our thoracolumbar spine. They did not have the technology to measure the limited range of motion of our thoracolumbar spine and they theorized a range of motion of our thoracolumbar column and a swinging motion that is total utopia. The problem is that even with actual knowledge leaders predators rather deny scientific insights and submit us to their “simpler” beliefs.

I did not submitted; I revolted and, as commented Caesar, “I would not have survived if I had not meet him,” Caesar is probably right but him, is expanding. He, is teachung them. Helyn and he are making the practical application of new knowledge accessible to everyone. One teenager wrote a powerful poem against losers. Others will write a song, a story, or start a movement. The science of motion is now powerful and growing because there are more peoples of value who quietly love their horse, than predators who loudly abuse their horse.