Chazot 65

“Ancient Mountain Heart”

This is exactly the instant when Manchester told me. “Chazot; I am tired.” I pressed my nose against him and he pressed back; I realized that my friend, my mentor, my brother was telling me goodbye. We stay head down, nose to nose for a while. Manchester added, “When I came here, I was moving like a tank. I was lame and he taught me how to use my body properly. Soon, I became sound; I felt like a ballerina. I had six years of soundness. It was amazing but now my body betrays me another way. I no longer belong to the world of biomechanics where he could help me. I am a raging infection case and the aggressive treatment I am on gave me relief for a few day,s but I am losing the battle and I am tired of the pain.” They know it; Helyn and he are talking intensively about the situation. They are not going to let you suffer without hope of recovery.

You are bigger than life my friend. You made me. I had opinions which is the lower level of intelligence and you taught me empathy, kindness, which is true intelligence. You are a giant for all of us; you are the spirit of the Science of Motion. I know what you think; I am the one on the front page, on the pictures, on the videos but you are the supporting power. You are like Helyn. He is the one on the front line but Helyn is the one behind the curtain or more exactly the computer making the whole enterprise possible. He is the first to give her credit and I am the first to tell you that you are a powerful mountain. There is a 13 000 feet mountain in Colorado that the Indians venerated as the “Ancient Mountain Heart.” They regarded the power of the mountain as the source of life. You are our power, you are our confidence and above all you are the reason why we respect each other. We compete as our survival instinct want us to do, but you taught us gentleness. You are our Dalai Lama.

You will not suffer any longer, but I am afraid that the cost of your freedom will separate us forever, but only physically. You are not in my heart; you are my heart.  Your energy is with us. Even if your physique slows you down, your power is greater than ever. Charpege told me, “I need his energy and his kindness,” I told her, energy never die; his energy is with you and you will feel his energy no matter what. Kindness is what he taught us. You tell me goodbye but you are bigger than life. I love your comforting presence in the next stall but your freedom from pain is more important than my comfort. Your energy is there by me: we share the hay, the water, the grains, even the carrots. I don’t understand the concept of falling in sleep forever but if it is where you need to go to be pain free, be free my friend.